Insights on Diversity & Inclusion

Can Holistic Admissions Help Increase Student Diversity?

Four graduate school deans discuss the role that holistic admissions, inclusive of GRE® scores, can have in:

  • Balancing strengths and weaknesses of various components of the application packet
  • Being fair to applicants and achieving diversity goals
  • Recognizing disparities in educational opportunities
  • Mitigating reviewer bias
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Learn more about implementing a holistic admissions process that is fair and inclusive.

A Commitment to Fairness and Equity

Expanding access to graduate education has always been our mission. ETS takes a 360 approach to ensuring its tests are fair, secure and accessible so that every test taker has equitable opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

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Resources from the Graduate Community

Tulane University: Making Campus Diversity Real — Starting in Kindergarten

Michael Cunningham, Associate Provost for Graduate Studies and Research and Professor of Psychology and Africana Studies, asserts that longstanding, uncomfortable institutional issues must be addressed with a multipronged plan of action rather than shortcut solutions.

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University of Maryland, Baltimore County: Getting Real About Graduate Diversity and Inclusion

Janet Rutledge, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School, shares key strategies that, when supported by a sustained and concerted effort, are proven to help graduate schools increase diversity.

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University of Texas at Austin: Prioritizing Diversity in Graduate Education

Mark J.T. Smith, Dean of the Graduate School and Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, shares his experience fostering diverse and inclusive communities at Purdue University and UT Austin.

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University of Illinois: Diversifying Graduate Education

Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Dean of the Graduate College and the Shahid and Ann Carlson Khan Endowed Professor of Applied Health Sciences, shares a 22-step plan to achieve diversity goals, from increasing access to ensuring student success.

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Diversity and Student Success (DSS) Program

Maria Dykema Erb and Kathy Wood, co-directors of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Diversity and Student Success program, share the philosophy behind diverse graduate student success through community building, personal and professional development, and funding assistance.

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Washington State University: Protect Graduate Student Success During COVID-19

Bill Andrefsky, the Edward R. Meyer distinguished professor emeritus and former graduate dean, urges graduate programs to reinforce their mentorship programs as a way to ensure student success during the pandemic.

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A CGS/ETS Joint Initiative: The Global Postgraduate Diversity Resource

This new site aims to tackle diversity issues at graduate institutions by acting as a digital repository for diversity initiatives worldwide. Find rich education resources classified by type and topic.

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Resources from ETS

Strategies for Increasing Graduate School Diversity

In collaboration with the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), ETS hosted a one-day symposium featuring discussions around successful strategies that, when used together, present pathways for more holistic, inclusive practices to attract and retain graduate students from diverse social and educational backgrounds.

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Recent Event Recaps and Research

Below is a curated collection of some of the most relevant ETS research and forums addressing topics related to diversity, racial inequities and accessibility for people with disabilities. We will continue to update this list as we pursue equity for learners worldwide.

Find dozens of other resources on the ETS Policy Evaluation and Research Center's Policy Information Center Opens in new window and Achievement Gap Opens in new window sites, the Tomás Rivera Lecture Series Opens in new window page, and the ETS Center for Research on Human Capital and Education Opens in new window site.

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