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From promoting diversity and student success, to adapting strategies for a new generation of graduate and professional students, discover the range of topics our experts can discuss at your institution.

Connecting Holistic Admissions, Diversity & Student Success

Graduate programs are increasingly adopting holistic admissions as a way to clearly see applicant potential, fairly admit qualified students, and achieve diversity goals. But there’s more to holistic admissions than just considering everything an applicant can bring to a program. In this session, learn about the full breadth of practices that promote fairness and mitigate bias, as well as strategies that can help you achieve your enrollment goals.

The Value of the GRE General Test in a Holistic Admissions Process

Each component of the application packet serves a purpose, and each has its imperfections. In this discussion, you’ll get clarification around the purpose and benefits of the GRE General Test, learn how to interpret GRE scores, and better understand sources of bias in admissions and the role of GRE scores in helping or hindering bias.

Recruitment Strategies to Address Today’s Challenges

Are you concerned that you don’t have enough qualified and diverse prospects? Are challenges related to student mobility, funding, and competition on your mind? Then this is the session for you. In this presentation, you’ll get information about the current state of graduate enrollment in the U.S. and some predictions for the year ahead. You’ll also learn about recruitment strategies and tools that have worked for our experts in their own experiences in academia.

Strategies to Promote the Success of Every Student

Program completion is a top concern for many graduate programs. Yet despite pouring over applications and doing your best to predict who will succeed, students drop out or take too long to complete, hurting the students as well as your program’s resources and reputation. In this presentation, you’ll learn numerous ways you can strategically and intentionally support students as they strive to meet the expectations of your program, address non-academic matters, and navigate their own feelings of self-doubt and wanting to belong.

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