In this inspiring video series, find out how graduate school and program leaders are adjusting their recruitment and admissions strategies during these unprecedented times.

Supporting a Robust and Inclusive Graduate Admissions Process

Why Holistic Admissions is Important

Examine key considerations as you implement holistic review as part of your admissions practices.

Understanding Holistic Admissions

Using GRE Scores

Be more fair and inclusive using GRE scores in admissions.

Using GRE Scores Successfully

Curated Approaches

Explore these promising practices that ETS has curated to support graduate faculty and administrators in the implementation of holistic admissions practices. 

It’s Time for an Honest Conversation about Graduate Admissions

The debate over moving to test-optional admissions is necessary and healthy – but holistic file review advocates encourage continuing to use GRE scores and the critical information they provide. David G. Payne, Vice President and COO of Global Education at ETS, shares his perspective on why including research-proven solutions supports collective efforts to improve diversity, equity and access.

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