In this inspiring video series, find out how graduate school and program leaders are adjusting their recruitment and admissions strategies during these unprecedented times.

Supporting a Robust and Inclusive Graduate Admissions Process

Why Holistic Admissions is Important

Explore the principles and benefits of holistic admissions.

Understanding Holistic Admissions

Why Using GRE® Scores is Fairer

Holistic admissions — inclusive of GRE scores — balances the influence and limitations of any one piece of information.

Using GRE Scores Successfully

Increasing Diversity: How Holistic Admissions Can Help

Access resources from institutions that have improved diversity and inclusion.

Improving Diversity & Inclusion

Navigating Holistic Admissions

Get tips and resources for implementing holistic admissions at every stage of the process.

Navigating Holistic Admissions

Preparing for the Admissions Process

Set goals and guiding principles. Structure processes to achieve your goals. Consider committee composition and training.

It’s Time for an Honest Conversation about Graduate Admissions

Some programs are considering changing the role of GRE® scores in their admissions process.

Explore FAQs and resources about the test’s purpose and misconceptions around bias and diversity, which can help inform the conversations that may be happening on your campus or within your academic networks.

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David G. Payne, Vice President and COO of Global Education at ETS, shares his perspective on why including research-proven solutions supports collective efforts to improve diversity, equity and access.

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Enhance Your Graduate Student Recruitment Campaigns

The GRE® Search Service helps you reach the right applicants by allowing you to filter and find qualified prospects that are actively looking for a program like yours. Explore how it can enhance your graduate student recruitment strategies.

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December 2020

Virtual Panel Discussion

Can a Holistic Approach Improve Student and Program Success?

Graduate programs committed to equitable, holistic application review are applying those principles beyond admissions to the full student experience. Join us at the Council of Graduate Schools Annual Meeting to discuss how a holistic approach to graduate education — from recruitment through completion — can help improve program and student success. Learn about advancements that ETS is designing to contribute toward this effort.

Continue Your Journey

Learn how you can benefit from holistic admissions practices — a method that looks at multiple sources of information to get the fullest picture of each applicant’s potential.

Why Holistic Admissions?