Hallatt Headshot
“A good revenue-to-cost ratio for marketing is 5:1, meaning that for every dollar you spend, you’re doing well if you generate $5 in revenue. Well, this was 50 to 1! We spent $388 for 646 prospect names. Of those, we got eight applications and two enrollments … absolutely worth the investment!”

- Susan Hallatt

Former Director of Graduate Admissions

Discover how the College of Charleston was able to maximize graduate recruitment efficiency and effectiveness with the GRE Search Service.

The College of Charleston’s Story


Recruit the ideal graduate candidates best suited to a variety of programs.


Using the GRE Search Service, the College of Charleston was able to target only interested candidates with more effective and focused communications.


The ROI for the GRE Search Service was an astounding 50:1, allowing the College of Charleston to tackle its recruitment goal as cost-effectively as possible.

The Tool That Helped It Happen

Tired of expensive engagement strategies that don’t reach the right prospects and don’t increase your yield? We understand. With the GRE Search Service, you can tailor your search with over 30 different criteria to engage with students who’ve expressed interest in graduate programs like yours. Watch the video to learn more.

About the GRE Search Service

  • Access a database of 350,000+ students who are serious about pursuing graduate study
  • Tailor your searches using over 30 different criteria, including demographics, intended graduate major and planned date of enrollment
  • Geotarget students around student fairs and recruitment events to cost-effectively attract interested prospects
  • Identify academically prepared students by filtering by GRE score bands in combination with undergraduate GPAs