How Can You Benefit From Holistic Admissions Practices?

Increasingly, admissions discussions are focusing on a holistic approach to reviewing applicants. This method looks at multiple sources of information to ensure consideration of the full picture of each applicant’s potential. By combining quantitative data like test scores and undergraduate GPA with more qualitative indicators such as letters of recommendation and work experience, you can be confident you have a more complete view of each applicant to fairly assess fit within your program.

  • Consider objective measures with qualitative indicators
  • Gain a clearer picture of an applicant’s potential fit
  • Support achievement of program goals

Spotlight on Goals and Supporting Practices

As part of a research effort to learn more about graduate admissions practices and holistic file review, ETS and the GRE® Program, with the support of the GRE®Board, interviewed faculty and staff involved in admissions at 58 programs across the United States.

As interview participants reflected on their experience, many said that the interview and discussion prompted them to consider issues they hadn’t before. In response, ETS created a framework of questions to help guide faculty and administrators at institutions like yours who are interested in having thoughtful engagement about graduate admissions practices on their own campuses.


Connecting Graduate Admissions Practices with Goals: Questions to Consider

The discussion guide covers:

  • How to effectively prepare for the admissions process
  • Key factors and their relative importance in making final selections
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the admissions process overall

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The Problem in Graduate Admissions is Culture, Not Testing

Concerns about diversity in graduate problems are well-founded – but the answer to increasing diversity isn’t cutting GRE scores from application requirements. Jonathan Malesic, a former full-time faculty member at King’s College, discusses the need to take a look at the culture around admissions to help improve your academy’s diversity.