Holistic Admissions

Explore this step-by-step guide to implementing a holistic admissions process that is aligned with your program and institution goals.

Implementing more holistic admissions processes

Many graduate programs and institutions are embracing holistic admissions as a way to:

  • Select applicants likely to be successful
  • Meet their goals
  • Consider applicants fairly

To help, ETS and the GRE® Program have curated promising practices based on interviews with graduate deans and faculty involved in admissions at 58 programs across seven broad discipline areas and at the master’s and doctoral levels at a variety of public and private institutions with differing goals and levels of selectivity.

This interactive guide shares those promising practices and other practical resources to help you develop and put into practice a holistic approach that works for you. At the end of the guide, find companion materials, including an at-a-glance document, a presentation deck and downloadable PDF of the full guide, as well as a link to our survey.