The GRE® team invites you to share your ideas at NAGAP 2018

Be our guest at the ETS exhibit! We invite you to stop by booth #100, talk to the team and exchange ideas with us. Additionally, please join ETS Research Director Rochelle Michel and team on Thursday, April 12 (2:45-3:45 p.m.) when they will facilitate what is sure to be an engaging roundtable discussion:

Let’s Talk! Facilitating Conversations about Connecting Graduate Admissions Processes with Goals

Research shows the need for alignment between the goals set by the graduate admissions office and the process used by admissions committees. But how can graduate admissions professionals foster a reflective process that enables institutions to connect the admissions process to desired goals and outcomes?

The session will provide attendees with an opportunity to reflect on current admissions processes, exchange ideas with colleagues and identify opportunities to engage in similar conversations at their institutions.

Visit the Partnering in Potential Interview Studio

Tell us what really matters to you at the Partnering in Potential Interview Studio, located in booth #100. Have a seat and share your ideas, insights, and opinions on the state and the future of graduate admissions. We are especially interested in hearing about your experiences using holistic admissions to find the best-fit applicants for your programs.

So if you’re going to the conference, plan a visit to our exhibit and share your thoughts with us!

Does Testing Serve a Purpose in Holistic Application Review?

Learn more about our research on graduate admissions practices and appropriate GRE® score use. Discover promising practices in areas like goal setting, increasing understanding among stakeholders and application review that can help nurture a more efficient and fruitful admissions process. This presentation provides ideas and options for you to consider, whether your institution already has a holistic review process or is yet to embark on this journey.

Have you implemented promising holistic admissions practices? If so we would like to hear about them. Please contact us at and let us know if we may share your success on

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