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2019 NAGAP Annual Conference

Toronto, Canada

Event date - April 10th, 2019 to April 13th, 2019

PANEL -  Diversity in Graduate Education: Looking at, and Beyond, Admission:  During this interactive discussion, moderated by Jamal Watson, Executive Editor at Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, several deans will share successful strategies that present pathways for more holistic, inclusive practices that attendees can use to attract and retain students from diverse backgrounds. Glean new insights and ideas to help create and support diverse and inclusive graduate communities.

PANEL - GRE® Test as an Admissions Tool -- Pros & Cons:  In this session, panelists representing diverse institutions and viewpoints will share quantitative information and policy views about the use of the GRE test assessments in admissions. Participants will learn about data and trends at graduate programs and professional schools. A GRE ETS expert will describe the evolving role of the GRE General Test including its intended purpose as a door opener, its frequent use as a gatekeeper and research around how programs are successfully using it to support institution goals. Frontline Program Coordinators will discuss their perspectives on past, present and future use of the GRE as an admission tool, including pros & cons of the GRE test in admissions.

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